Lunar Eclipse in Libra: I am You!


Lunar Eclipse in Libra for March 23rd 2016

Honestly I don’t feel like I know what this stuff means most the time. Maybe I’ll capture little glimmers of truth nuggets that resonate to the current astrological atmosphere, but symbols are archetypal which means they possess infinite potential meanings, as long as those meanings resonate with the energy of that symbol. So I’m going to attempt to free my critic for a little while and see what I can access by playing around with the energies activated for this Lunar Eclipse.

The moon is in Libra being eclipsed by Sun in Aries, which means the normal way of viewing others is temporarily eclipsed to show our true face as only one self. Everyone around us as merely mirrors to reflect back who we really are as One-Self. To play out itself through infinite characters in order to know our-self better, to have something to relate to outside our-self, to play out this complex beautiful painful adventure, all to experience love in its vicissitude of ways. The moon in Libra feels at home when it finds love reflected back to it in the eyes of another. This eclipse is about finding the courage to know who we truly are, without mirrors to define us. To seek out and know our true self that holds value just for being a witness of the tremendous life unfolding before us. To truly love one another, we must know what is worth loving and who we are loving. If we project our need for love unto those around us, where we desire nurturance of belonging, we get instead an insatiable hunger that fuels compulsion and addiction, spreading pain instead of love. To love another we must love ourselves and to love our-self is to love all selves.

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse in Libra: I am You!

  1. This is great. Resonates with me quite a bit because I had a moving experience with this earlier this afternoon. In fact, I posted a draft about it today. It was about noticing that my reflection was not of my own. Lots of work to do in this capricorn, right now. I deeply appreciate this post. Thank you.


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