Virgo Full Moon: Untangling the Inner Web

On February 22nd, 2016, the moon will be full in Virgo. To understand Virgo’s full moon, the reflected light of the sun in Pisces should be more carefully examined. I keep reading about Pisces as a sign of a state of blissful oneness, which I feel does not do justice to this sign at all. Where Virgo makes up the mundane world, Pisces is all that is invisible. As complex and varied as the visible, just not perceived with the senses. Because the invisible world has no “solid” boundaries, it could be easy to lose one’s separate sense of identity in such a place, but that doesn’t make such a reality a massive blob of oneness and unity. In reality it pertains to an infinite place of inner worlds, dreams, feelings, intuition, ghostly presences, mystical experiences, archetypal reality, images, symbols, etc. This particular sun will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces as well, adding potential confusion to who’s what in this imaginal landscape, perhaps getting caught in the web of someone else’s dream. Your understanding of reality, a potential labyrinth of fear and ghostly regrets, instead of the kind of world you might imagine you should be living in.

The moon is about our inner reactions to external happenings. So this Virgo full moon is highlighting the tangled confusion of each individual’s inner reality, which has muddled our ability to be able to carefully discriminate between fantasy and the imaginal reality of the soul. How often do we feel like we are only really living in a movie of our own making, everyone else cast as supporting actors, like our nightly dreams where everything is just an extension of our own psyche. With the light of this moon emanating from the opposition of a Neptune/Sun conjunction, it is an opportunity to use a Virgo-like eye of seeing how everything has its right place, in order to tug apart the ways we have allowed our psychic realities to become entangled with one another, allowing other people to act out our own internal stories and us to act out theirs. Now we are being called to acknowledge all our own characters, judge, victim, hero, lover, critic, nurturer, aggressor, coward, rejected shadow, wounded child, etc. in order to really understand what we are reacting to, and to discover just how much the external world is really the cause of our inner landscape, or how it is a shared place to truly connect with other souls and their psychic reality.


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